RCL launches new service between Surabaya and Singapore
09 Feb 2022

RCL is pleased to announce the launch of its own Singapore – Surabaya - Singapore from March 2022.

Branded as the RSU1, the maiden voyage will commence on the 13 Mar 2022 from Singapore to Surabaya with the Mitra Bhum, a 750 TEU-sized vessel with the following proforma:

According to a RCL spokesperson, “RSU1 is intended to meet the connectivity needs of both our COC and SOC customers in Singapore (PSA) to Surabaya and vice versa. Since 2021, we have seen a reduction in feeder capacity within South East Asia. At the same time, the relocation of supply chains to SE Asia and the launch of RCEP will drive the need for capacity and better connectivity”.

“Indonesia is also SE Asia's largest economy and population. And PSA Singapore is the world's premier transhipment port. RCL is excited to support Indonesia's growth and second largest city while also enhancing the connectivity of PSA Singapore with this brand new shuttle service”.

“RCL customers in Surabaya will enjoy a weekend departure while the mid-week connection to/from Singapore will ensure timely connections to the 1st and 2nd leg vessels for both our COC and SOC customers in Singapore (PSA)”.

About RCL
Founded in 1979, RCL is a Thai based container shipping line. Listed on the Thai Stock Exchange since 1988, its core business is in the carriage of Shipper owned containers (SOC) and its own Carrier container containers (COC) in a service network that is fully Asia centric. RCL currently owns and operates a fleet of 47 vessels with sizes ranging between 388 TEUs and 6310 TEUs. It also has a fleet of 147.189 TEUs to support its own COC carriage as well. RCL operates a network of 76 offices made up of both owned and agency partner offices to support its operations. Today, RCL is recognised as amongst the leading SOC and Intra Asian operator by both peers and customers alike.

For media enquiries, please contact Michelle Ng at (+65) 62292087 or michelle@rclgroup.com