Rules & Practices

Business ethics is a benchmark that provides compliance guidelines to staff of all levels to achieve the standard of performances set according to expectations of the Company and its shareholders.

  1. Maintaining the highest ethical standards and undertaking business duties with prudence, honesty and fairness with regard to shareholders and all stakeholders.
  2. Cooperating with all concerned parties in offering efficient services in the best interest of customers.
  3. Conducting duties with awareness of effective and economical utilization of the Company’s assets.
  4. Develop process routines that include the principle of check and balance without unduly hampering the smooth workflow.
  5. Providing accurate and reliable information on corporate business and services; keeping customer’s secrets and avoiding any misappropriate utilization of such information for personal benefit or for the benefit of the others.
  6. Treating counterparts and creditors accordingly and complying with agreements made earlier.
  7. Competing under fair business conducts and avoiding any unlawful or dishonest acts of destruction towards competitors.
  8. Diligently conducting business; offering useful opinions to the Company based on acquired knowledge, capability, personal experiences and independent professional judgement; Eager to learn and apply such knowledge to improve work performance for self achievement and corporate benefits.
  9. Creating a good harmonous working environment and adopting a humble and straight forward attitude, as well as exchanging ideas with colleagues and applying perspective thinking in solving any problems, free from office politics.
  10. Adhering to international conventions, where applicable, such as the International Maritime Organization’s codes in order to preserve the social and public environment and refraining from any illegal actions or any violation of the Company’s regulations.
  11. Uphold our RCL brand reputation for excellence to be the best Regional Container Carrier and Total Logistics Service Provider.

Business Ethics
10 February 2006