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China Customs - 24 Hour Advance Manifest Rule
16 June 2014
1.  China Customs will enforce the 24 hour Advance Manifest Rule for vessels arriving Shanghai ports from 28 June 2014 onwards.

2.  Under the new rule (Chinese Customs Ruling Number 172), all ocean carriers are required to submit a complete cargo manifest of shipments electronically to Shanghai Customs, no later than 24 hours prior cargo loading at foreign port.

3.  Initially, this regulation is applicable to all cargo imported or transshipped on container ships calling Shanghai port direct. Eventually, all cargo bound for China will be subject to the 24 hour advance manifest rule.

RCL Manifest cut-off time

1.  In order for RCL to comply with this new rule, we respectfully request our customers to provide complete and correct shipping instructions / BL draft, no later than 48 hrs prior to the vessel ETA at each Load Port.

2.  This earlier timeline will enable RCL at each load port to work with RCL Shanghai Manifest Agent as the intermediary with Shanghai Customs to meet the 24 hour deadline rule.

3.  RCL strictly adopts a No Document / No Load policy for shipments where shipping instructions / BL draft are not submitted by the required timeline.

China Customs Inspection

1.  As part of security risk assessment, the cargo manifest information submitted will be screened and China Customs will advise carriers whether or not the cargo can be allowed into China.

2.  RCL will not load any shipment if the manifest filing is rejected by Chinese customs. Under such circumstance, cargo will be shut out from loading and all associated charges and costs will be borne by the shipper.

Advance Manifest Surcharge (AMS) Fee

1.  For vessel arriving Shanghai 28th June 2014 onwards, an Advance Manifest Surcharge fee of USD 30 per BL will be applicable for every BL filed.

2.  For amendment to BL after submission, an Advance Manifest Amendment Surcharge fee of USD 40 per amendment per BL is applicable. China Customs website

China Customs website
For more information on China 24 hour Advance Manifest Filing Rules, please visit China Customs website:
Decree No.172 in English http://english.customs.gov.cn/publish/portal191/tab3972/module21538/info162113.htm
Decree No.172 in Chinese http://www.customs.gov.cn/publish/portal0/tab3889/info105984.htm


1.  As you can appreciate, this new regulation will have a huge impact on the way we handle our documentation & operations for shipments bound for China, hence we seek your understanding and compliance in meeting China Customs requirements

2.  Should you have any inquiries relating to this regulation, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives at your location.

3.  Once again we thank our customers for your valuable support and look forward to your continuous patronage.

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